Goricatlon is a  6-hour sporting event with a charitable purpose. Teams of 6 runners (or less - see rules) can apply to the competition. Each runner runs for approximately 1 hour, after that he passes the baton to the next member. The participants run in circles, each lap is about 1 km long. For each lap the team chooses to donate an amount of: 1€, 3€  or 5€. All the funds collected at the end of the event are donated to a charity.

Saturday, 18 December 2021Foto gallery

The important thing is to participate. Anyone, that is able to make a couple of laps in one hour, can attend the event. The result in this case is not important. Candidates can therefore be groups of walkers, moms and dads with baby carriages. We are also expecting at least one team of participants who will run or walk with their dogs. In particular, we welcome the participation of people with disabilities and, if needed, we will arrange assistance, transportation or other type of help.  For the most ambitious: the trophies will be awarded to the three fastest teams (that completed more laps) and the three teams that will collect more funds. Each participant at the event of Goricatlon will receive recognition and thanks for his donation to the charity.


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