Here is the last version of the rules, valid from October 7th, 2017. We are pleased to welcome you to send your questions, comments or suggestions at

RULES - version 1.1

  1. Goricatlon is a recreational event for charity, in which competition and athletic achievements represent just a way to stimulate and motivate the participants to achieve the main goal: make the largest possible contribution to the charity, carrying out activities of recreation and socialization of the participants.
  2. Goricatlon is 6-hour event with many participating teams. Each team must accomplish the higher number of laps walking, running or (in case of a wheelchair) riding during  those 6 hours. To facilitate the description, all participants will be called runners. 
  3. Each team has 6 runners or less. Each runner runs 1 hour and then passes the baton to the next one. Each team receives two transportable numbers, which are exchanged between the runners - one number is kept in possession by the member who is currently running, the other number is held by the member who is waiting for the baton.
  4. Teams may also consist of 3 runners (each of them  runs 2 hours), 2 runners (each one runs  3 hours) or one runner, which runs for all the 6 hours alone.
  5. Every runner can run for a maximum of two teams.  In case one of the runners of the team does not appear on the place in time, it can be replaced by another member of the same team.
  6. Substitutions are made every hour in the location marked for this on the start/end of the lap. The first member of the team passes a special tape with a chip to his partner. The member of the team, that recieve the tape with chip from his partner, must have with him the number of this team.
  7. The members of the teams are running in circle, each lap is about 1 km long, for each lap the team donates a fixed amount in accordance with its capabilities: 1, 2, 3 or 5 euros. 
  8. Each team has to pay a lump sum of 50€ 1 day before the race. The teams, who do not pay the amount until the stipulated date, cannot participate at the competition.
  9. The lump sum mentioned in the previous point represents the minimum donation from each team. The sum paid will be entirely donated to charity and in any case won’t be refunded to the team. 
  10. Every team commits to donate no later than 30 days after the race the complete sum reduct for a lump sum. For example: The team has decided to donate 3€ for each lap, in fact they run 82 laps. Before the start of the competition they pay the lump sum of 50 €, no later than 30 days agter the race they will donate the difference of 186 €.
  11. All the contributions paid will be fully donated to charity. All the other expenses will be covered by the organizers, sponsors and volunteers.
  12. The competition between the teams is based on two levels - the first one is based on the number of completed laps, and the other one is based on who accumulates the larger sum of funds. 
  13. Six teams receive the trophies: the 3 fastest teams (which go through more laps) and the 3 teams who have donated the larger amount of funds. 

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